We live in our homes for years - sometimes decades - often feeling rather 'meh' about some aspects of it and without ever doing anything about it. This sounds completely illogical, but ask anyone what they would change about their house if they "could", and many will pipe up without hesitation, sometimes regarding many things! Why is this? There are a few reasons. First of all, change can be scary, as we get attached to our personal space, flaws and all, and imagine that any alteration might introduce a foreign feeling that would threaten the level of comfort and familiarity we receive from our sweet home. Then there are our busy schedules and everything else we've got on the go, making even the most minor of renovation projects appear overwhelming, which discourages us even further. Finally, there's the expense: we can barely afford to buy organic, let alone re-do the kitchen!

Yes, I hear you, and I have used these excuses myself. But take a deep breath and a moment to consider the last time you did something that you had been putting off. Didn't it feel marvellous? Maybe you made all your bill payments automatic, or replaced your old sagging bed, or even just decided to forgive someone. Making positive changes in our lives, even minor ones, can increase our quality of life, give us an important sense of accomplishment, and make the world seem fresh again. It's worth it!

The best way to get going with home improvement is to start small and let your enthusiasm gain momentum. If you know you could use a boost this January, read ahead for some fun home-sprucing tasks that are easy, quick, and fairly safe.

1. New throw pillows for the couch

What better way to accent your couch and living room colours than new throw pillows! Even if you already have ones you love, put out some new ones for the next month and see how they add a little fun in the room. Things to keep in mind when choosing the best new throw pillows for your furniture: try to pick a different fabric from that of your couch, don't be afraid to go for a cushion with a bold graphic, but be sure it's paired with a neutral base, and avoid the temptation to go overboard; no more than three per couch.

2. Give an interior door a new paint-job

Doors take a bit of a beating as we use them constantly, but if you've got peeling or faded paint on any of yours, it's time to step up the TLC a notch in gratitude. A new paint-job on one of the doors everyone uses the most will sharpen up the look of that entire area of the home. For best results, take the door off its hinges and lay it across two saw horses, and do each side separately. Sand one side down lightly, give it a prime coat, and then begin painting at the panels and go from there, avoiding brush strokes that run perpendicular to the grain of the wood. Wait a few hours and do the same on the other side.

3. Rearrange (quite) a few things

Sometimes all you really need to do in order to bring fresh energy into your home and make all the old stuff seem brand-new again is switch it all up! Try swapping the paintings in one bathroom with those in the other (or between the spare room and the den), for starters. Then, stand at the entrance to your living room and really stare it down. Decide if the la-z-boy could indeed be better off somewhere else. What about the piano? Chances are it's been sitting in the same spot since the day you moved in, and a new nook may be calling its name. Even if you feel that everything is pretty much as you like it, do a little experimentation for a few days and see how it feels to mix up the furniture and the decor just a wee bit – you can either put it back or try again if it doesn't work out for the room, but chances are, everyone will get a kick out of the fresh look!

Once you see how good it feels to make little changes, bigger projects won't seem as intimidating, because you'll have a taste of the reward that will come with them. Spring projects are just around the corner!