Ahh, is there anything truly more relaxing than the sound of water pitter-pattering on concrete? The rich and famous often have water fountains installed right by their front door so that the soothing and calming feelings from it are instantly recognized and felt by all visitors. Many people also wish that they had a water fountain or waterfall installed right in their very backyard to enjoy. Everyone?s day has enough stress in it; shouldn?t you be able to come home to a bit of tranquility?

If this sounds like you, and if you have had some problems with the whole ?DO IT YOURSELF? waterfall kits, then it may be time to call up a water feature contractor. Not only will you be sure to obtain the look you are going for, but they will also be able to install a water fall or fountain that will truly compliment your current landscaping (OR future landscaping plans).

So just how do you find the correct water feature professional? A good way to go is to ask some general contractors for referrals. Some general contractors even have this job as one of their ?featured jobs? to help them stand out from other contractors, so you can also ask them for references directly.

If you purchased a water fall or fountain already, return to where you bought it and ask the dealer if they know of any contractors who are suitable for the job.

Lastly, if you know any friends, family or neighbours who have had a water feature installed, give them a call and ask them whom they have used if you are pleased with their finished product!

You may be wondering what you should be looking for in a water feature installer. Some questions to ask when you call them are:

  • Are you licensed, bonded, and certified to be a contractor in this area?
  • Are you fully aware of all zoning laws and other regulations in this area regarding these types of projects?
  • Are you fully knowledgeable of all of the necessary tactics and techniques to complete this sort of job (such as how to run water lines, hooking up any type of power if necessary and a lighting scheme)?
  • Do you know how to keep the water clean? Can you show me?
  • What sort of training have you had that makes you qualified to do this job?

While the water installer is there, if you live in a climate that is colder in the winter, be sure to ask how you can prevent your water fall or fountain from ?icing over? and thereby damaging your water feature. They will also be able to give some suggestions as to what accessories would compliment your choice of water feature, and other care instructions to help keep the water fall or fountain clean.

Once the water feature is installed in your backyard, lay back and relax; enjoy your personal, little oasis! It also may be time to consider buying some new plants and trees to fully compliment the look too, but that can wait for another day. . .