Is there anything more relaxing and fun than having your very own pond in your backyard (granted that the dog and the kids do not go swimming in it when ever they choose)? Just think of setting up some deck chairs and sitting back with some tea while enjoying your beautiful pond. Whether it is big or small, any pond addition to a backyard certainly adds some much desired flair and relaxation.

Hopefully you have more sense than to simply dig up a hole and throw the hose in it and fill it with water. Having a pond put into your backyard actually is a very complex process that requires continual maintenance and work ? IF you want it to work and look lovely. This is why you may want to consider hiring on a professional to install this equipment for you (unless you are a professional yourself). Some of the equipment that is required for the job is:

  • The correct amount of dirt that is required for a pond (you would be surprised just how much even a small pond needs!)
  • A backhoe or ?little dozer? so that the job does not take days upon days to complete
  • Heavy, black plastic sheeting. This forms both the bottom as well as the sides of the pond (like a pool liner, only more free and forgiving on the form)
  • A heavy-duty truck for carting around these materials and equipment
  • A truck to also bring in the water for the pond
  • An experienced, trained crew to build the pond.

You also have to plot out exactly what you want your pond to look like ? circular? Rectangular? Maybe it will be a completely crazy shape. You can pretty much have any sort of shape you choose for your pond, as well as any size and depth. It is all a matter of digging out the appropriate amount of dirty to obtain what you desire.

Once the area is dug out, the sides and the bottom will be completely smoothed out and any large rocks and/or debris will be removed. Once that is done, the black plastic sheeting will be put in place and weighed so it does not collapse and fall into the dug out hole. A pumping system will then be placed appropriately and hooked up. Any plants and rocks will nicely hide tubing, wires, and any other parts of the system. After this is accomplished, the water is then put into the pond and the pump goes straight to work! While this is happening, the water within will be treated and permitted to circulate within the pump for a specified amount of time before any sort of foliage or natural life is put in.

NOTE: If you are putting fish in your pond, be sure to monitor the pond for any dead or ill fish. You will need to feed the fish yourself until there are enough fish to reproduce.

Once that is done, you?re set! Sit back and enjoy your new pond.