If you have a home project that involves installing brick, stone or block walls, you may be tempted to just run out the home improvement store or supply store and pick out a nice stone and start stacking. But really, you should consider using the services of a brick wall contractor or masonry contractor for even the smallest of projects. In many areas they are thoroughly trained and need to be knowledgeable about many things in regard to landscaping before they can call themselves a masonry contractor, and working outside with these materials is not like working any other type of construction.

Most areas have codes that a homeowner needs to be in compliance with when working with brick, stone or block walls. A brick wall contractor will understand these codes and make sure that a footer or foundation is properly secured and which complied with these codes. Different walls need to function in different ways when talking about landscaping or for home repair and construction, and a contractor will understand this. A support wall will be different than one that is exposed to heat such as from a chimney or outdoor kitchen. There are special types of stones that are meant to withstand heat and which work to provide that needed support in other areas.

A retaining wall is another area in which a brick wall contractor should be consulted. These are usually constructed to keep landscaping from erosion or from collapse. There are many things to evaluate in these cases, such as the slope of the land and the density of the soil. A wall needs to be constructed properly so that it actually works to provide this support against the land behind it. One that is not properly constructed could actually collapse after some time, and certainly this would render that project a waste of time and money. A good brick wall contractor can keep this from happening.

Stone is another material that needs special handling. If not set properly they can actually fall which would mean damaging property and even people! When set inside such as for a fireplace, they can cause quite a bit of damage if they were to collapse. A masonry contractor is best for stone work.

There are other problems that need to be addressed when working with brick, stone or block walls. For instance, moisture and drainage need to be addressed so as to avoid mold and other problems. All of these are reasons to call in the professionals!