Bigger isn’t always better. And the recent popularity of “the tiny house movement” proves it. In the past few years, a growing number of people have traded in their sprawling suburban homes for much smaller living quarters. These tiny homes contain everything you need (including a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living area) in a much smaller package, often less than 200 square feet.

While such a home is an obvious downgrade in size, the five amazing tiny homes below prove that simplifying your life by minimizing your living space doesn’t mean a downgrade in luxury or quality of life.

1. Tiny Cabin – New York

Built entirely from reclaimed wood, this 14 x 14 foot tiny cabin is a great place to disconnect and just get away from it all. A simple and straightforward design mixed with rustic furnishings make it the perfect place to unwind. The cabin is located deep in the wilderness of New York and is entirely off-the-grid with no electricity or running water. Sure, living here would take a huge lifestyle readjustment, but that’s exactly what owner Scott Newkirk was after when he built this amazing tiny home.

2. Home, Home on the Range – Colorado

Most people know Colorado for the amazing natural beauty of its Rocky Mountains, but the eastern portion of the state is characterized by the rolling fields of the Eastern Plains. This sparsely populated area is the perfect place for those that crave a simple and peaceful life. And the owners of this tiny Colorado home definitely get both of these things. The super tiny home features a distinctive offset gable, a surprisingly roomy sleeping loft, and an insulated wood floor. The home is manufactured by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, one of the top tiny home companies in North America.

3. Heirloom Tiny Home – Oregon

Heirloom Custom Tiny Homes is an upcoming Portland, Oregon based manufacturer of micro houses that is set to give Tumbleweed Tiny Houses a run for their money. The luxury custom homes are built to the individual specifications desired by each client and include only the highest-quality materials, fixtures, and finishes. For example, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and real-wood flooring comes standard in every home.

4n. Funky All-Natural Tiny Dome Home – Thailand

Can you believe that this funky dome-shaped tiny home cost only $9,000 to build? And yet the final product contains a lounging space, a hammock, and a personal pond among much else. The home was built with all-natural materials and is designed to limit energy consumption. An amazing tiny home like this one shows you just how cool it can be to live with less…much less.