Moisture in a home can be a problem since it creates an uncomfortable atmosphere, but it can also lead to damaging mold growing in the home as well. There are many reasons why mold should never be left unchecked. For one thing, when you breathe it in - it can cause infections, allergic reactions, asthma, and other reactions. It can cause problems for those who have weakened immune responses and in extreme cases, can even be responsible for their death. Mold is not something to be ignored since it won't just go away; it will just become worse over time and become even harder to remove from walls and floors of the home. In extreme cases some structural elements of the home may even need to be replaced. There have even been cases when homes have been declared unsafe for habitation and families have had to move out permanently.

There are ways you can prevent mold from setting in and spreading:

  • Check for leaks in the roof; more than just water dripping, you'll want to watch for stains on the ceiling as well as the interior walls.
  • The floorboards may also become damp.
  • If you notice a musty smell in your home, this may mean that mold is developing or that there is a moisture problem that could lead to mold.
  • Your basement's crawl space should be checked regularly for mold.

If you do see mold in your home, don't try to address it yourself. This can actually make it worse, if you disturb the mold spores since they can spread and be inhaled and cause problems. And if the mold problem is quite large, you need to take action at once. Don't allow anyone to go into the affected area, especially children and the elderly, and contact a mold removal service. To be sure you hire the right professionals:

  • Ask if they are licensed and bonded and follow all regulations for working in .
  • Make sure they are carrying proper insurance for their entire crew.
  • Ask about the safety precautions they use to protect themselves and your family while they work.
  • Ask about their disposal methods so you know your exposure will be minimal while they work.
  • Insist they offer you a no-obligation estimate of the price of the job.

Their estimate should include an idea of how extensive the damage is and if you will need to tear out any part of the house, including walls and floors. It's also good to find out how long they think the job will take and if you and your family should move to another location while they work.