Are you confused about the different types of trims and moldings available for your home? Perhaps the words "trim" and "molding" are all you know when working with them. But to help you understand conversations with a trim contractor and to enable you to communicate better with him or her, let's go over some tips regarding the difference between these items and for working with them.

  • Interior crown moldings go up high on the wall. This is why they call it "crown." Think of where you would put a crown on your room and you'll understand; it's where the wall and the ceiling actually meet. Interior crown moldings come in many different heights and patterns but are always placed at the point where the wall and the ceiling meet.
  • Base molding is called that because it runs along the base of the room, meaning where the wall and the floor meet. If you look around the room in which you're sitting you'll probably see base molding all the way around. This is to keep the wall from being scuffed and to hide the seam of the carpet or other flooring against the wall. Usually an interior trim and moldings contractor will remove these when installing new flooring of any type and then reinstall them after the job is done.
  • Trim around your window makes it look more attractive. It can also hide the casing there as well.
  • Repairing window trim and moldings is important in order to make sure you have no damage in this area and are not leaking water into the home as well. A trim contractor can help with this in order to keep your home safe and secure. This type of molding and trim is about more than cosmetics.
  • Custom molding is just that; trim or molding that is custom made for you. You may need to replace trim in a home that had custom molding originally or may appreciate the visual interest that custom molding adds to a room. This type of job usually involves custom trim contractor work.

Adding custom moldings with the use of an interior trim and moldings contractor can be an inexpensive way to add a lot of visual interest to your home and to dress up an otherwise plain and drab room.