Any home remodeling projects means stress for the homeowner, and a kitchen remodel is especially difficult for any family. But like so many other projects, once it's done and cleaned up, that beautiful new kitchen makes it all worthwhile. Many today are choosing custom cabinets to be built and installed by a cabinet contractor as a way to upgrade their kitchen and give it a needed facelift as well. Of course any kitchen remodeling job is a major undertaking, but there are ways of making this job go much more smoothly.

Consider a few tips about custom cabinet installation and how to make it easier for everyone.

  • Before the project starts, take time to talk with the contractor and go over every detail of the project, including their estimated timeframe for it to be completed.
  • Make sure you've looked over all your options so that you have some room on pricing and to prevent delays in materials being delivered.
  • It's your responsibility to remove everything from the existing cabinets; get everything else out of the kitchen if you can. This means small appliances, area rugs, and so on.
  • Typically you don't need to remove the old cabinets but it pays to ask to be sure. You can also ask what happens to those cabinets once they're gone.

When your kitchen is being worked on:

  • Stay out of the kitchen as much as possible. This means you, your family, and your pets! Put a pet's food and water dishes someplace else in the house; do this a few days before the project begins so they get used to the new locations. You may even want to keep them outside or block off the kitchen completely so they won't be underfoot.
  • Make sure the children are out of the kitchen as well.
  • Your contractor should be protecting your floor while working; you can double-check this to be sure.

When the project is done:

  • Check the cabinets even before your contractor leaves. Try the doors and drawers and all other elements to be sure everything glides smoothly.
  • Make sure they've cleaned up as promised, if this was part of the contract.
  • Make sure you pay your contractor!

Adding custom cabinets to your kitchen will not only make you enjoy this room all the more, it will typically even increase the resale value of your home. Don't settle for warehouse cabinets or something everyone else has; make your home really your dream home by adding customer cabinets. This is a good option especially if you plan on living in that home for many years to come!