Do you want something done quickly or do you want it done right? If you're talking about a drywall installation contractor, he or she should be able to manage both! It's important that he or she and a team they work with be able to work fast since often they're paid by the hour. Drywall is not difficult to install so they should be able to do the job correctly while working quickly.

Even if you have a drywall installation contractor that is working by the job and not by the hour, remember that most remodeling and renovating projects need to work around certain jobs, and drywall is one of them. A slow contractor can hold up other teams and cause everything to take longer, and of course for most, time is money. There is nothing more frustrating than a painter or decorator being idled simply because the drywall is not up in a timely fashion.

Of course speed is not the only concern when it comes to a drywall installation contractor. They need to do a good job of putting up the drywall correctly; this involves taping over the seams and spackling or spreading drywall compound over the top of the installed sheets.

This part of the job is vitally important because the tape should be invisible under the paint or wallpaper on drywall. If it is put on crooked or it wrinkles, or if the nails are pounded in incorrectly, these things will all leave marks that will detract from the appearance of the job. Fixing these problems after a paint job or after installation can be costly and in some cases cannot even be fixed properly.

A good drywall installation contractor can balance both speed and quality when it comes to drywall installation. He or she will pay attention to the details of the job while not allowing themselves to get too slow as well. If you ask for one with references and check their past work, you'll no doubt find one that can balance both time and quality on the job and can work well even under pressure. And when you do, you'll see your home improvement project finally come together!