Traditional tile roofing is always a beautiful choice for a home. Anyone who wants to adopt that look for their own home can consult a local traditional tile roofing contractor.

A traditional tile roof can completely transform the appearance of any home, changing it from bland and dull to beautiful in a relatively short amount of time. The types of tile roofs are varied, giving plenty of opportunity to pick just the right type of roof for any house.

Choices in Traditional Tiles

The use of roofing tiles goes at least back to 650 B.C. when they were used for buildings in Corinth, Greece. Tiled roofs have been found in pre-Columbian Central and South America, and in Rome. Though the locations are diverse and wide-spread, the style of the tiles were remarkably similar ? this is a very efficient and useful means of tiling roofs.

The material used for ancient tiles was usually baked clay. The modern tile can be made of a number of different materials, some of them technologically advanced, while others have been in use for centuries.

  • Metal Roof Tiles ? Metal roof tiles come in many shapes, including the interlocking S-shape that is traditionally used. They can be made in many colors, to suit the color of the home and the atmosphere of the neighborhood. Durability and fire resistance are two advantages of metal tiles.
  • Ceramic Roof Tiles ? Japanese architecture uses this type of tile heavily, favoring the color blue. Many of the most beautiful buildings in Japan are roofed with ceramic roof tiles.

    A traditional tile roofing contractor has a lot of different sorts of ceramic tiles available for installation. Not only are a wide range of colors available, but many shapes as well, including the Mission S-shape, the traditional Asian S-shape, tapered, and so many others.

    Ceramic traditional tile roofing is not only nice to look at, but it saves energy as well. This is a wonderful choice, and some of the types of tile are amazingly cost efficient. A roofing contractor can guide a homeowner to the perfect choice.

  • Solar Roof Tiles ? These are as technologically advanced as plain baked clay tiles are ancient. These tiles utilize the sun?s energy, capturing it and turning it into power for the home. Not only do these tiles look as beautiful as traditional tiles and serve the same function, but they will cut the energy bill significantly. Again, consult a roofing contractor for details on how to install these tiles and pick the best possible style.