1. BUJ+COLÓN Arquitectos in Madrid, Spain

This cozy apartment has an under staircase bookshelf with a Tetris like design. This staircase gives access to a bedroom loft while creating another bedroom enclosure beneath it. Cozy home decorating ideas like this make the most of a small space and with a little more flare than a murphy bed.  

2. Eva Cotman in Barcelona, Spain

This functional under staircase bookshelf also makes for an adorable aesthetic feature in this otherwise  austere room. The book jackets colorfully pop off the shelves against the all-white setting and the stairs become the center-piece of this fantastic space. Tiny houses like this can make for simple living, so long as you keep it beautifully simple like Eva Cotman.

3. Schemaa in Paris, France

One of the problems with having a small loft apartment is that you probably want to use all the space you have, but you don't want it to feel tight. One of the many fantastic decorating ideas for small apartments incorporated in this space is to make an under staircase bookshelf which almost disappears into the background (when all the cabinets are closed). A staircase like this might just inspire you to pull out your woodworking tools!

4. 3XA in Wroclaw, Poland

Oriented Strand Board is a material usually concealed behind drywall or under the floor boards but in this luxury apartment you'll find it playing a different role. OSB is boldly exposed for the main structure of the loft space as well as the under staircase bookshelf. 3XA also made the brilliant inclusion of OSB as a kitchen accent, to bring together what otherwise would have seemed like a disjointed afterthought.

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