How many doors do you have in and outside of your home? Probably too many to count; if you add up closet doors, pantry doors, patio doors, and all the rest you may have more than you could imagine! And certainly the larger the house and the more rooms in it, the more doors you'll have. As forgettable as they may be, what happens when a door gets stuck or comes of the track? If you need to replace a door, do you do this job yourself? Just imaging the steps involved in hanging a door can be difficult. You need to align it properly, keep it upright while you screw it into place, and be sure it works. Hanging a door is harder than it sounds! This is why you should consider hiring a professional.

Where to find an interior door specialist? Here are some suggestions:

  • Start with general contractors and others who work in home construction and ask for referrals.
  • A building supply store or hardware store may offer referrals.
  • Interior designers may have professionals they work with.
  • You can do an internet search.
  • You can also check the yellow pages, if you still have them in your home!

Some additional considerations for you include:

  • You might not find listings that are specifically for a specialized door contractor so you may need to check with a general contractor instead.
  • An interior door contractor typically just needs an hour or so to do the job and get it done right.
  • Typically you wouldn't need a building permit for such a small job in your home. However, your contractor should always be licensed to work in .
  • It's always good to check references, even for such a small job.
  • Find out beforehand if the door is the only thing that needs replacing or if you'll need to replace the frame as well. While just replacing the door is cheaper, if the frame needs replacing that should be done so it will hang and work properly.

Interior doors are very important. They provide privacy between rooms and may also mean security for you. If a door is broken, hanging from the hinges or frame, or warped and defective in any way, this can look very unattractive and be very annoying.

Of course this project is simple and shouldn't cost much either. That should be more motivation to have a professional handle it for you! Why suffer all that frustration when you could have someone handle it quickly and easily.

It always makes sense to have a professional handle the job in the first place rather than call him or her after you've tried it yourself and perhaps made things even worse!