Does anything look more ornate or beautiful than a gorgeous stone or brick siding on a home? Heritage homes and modern homes alike can greatly benefit from the smart look that brick or stone siding offers.

If you have old, tired siding or siding that requires a little bit of a fix, a contractor can easily remove and replace the brick or stone that is causing a problem. Thanks to 21st century developments in technology, there are now several new and exciting developments for this kind of siding - so much so that almost any vision you have for your home can truly come to life!

When considering placing brick or stone siding on your home, you first have to choose the TYPE of siding that you are going to use. We will cover some of the more popular choices below:

Brick Veneer Siding

Brick veneer siding is much like "fake brickwork", though do not be fooled - brick veneer siding is still true masonry. The difference from brick veneer siding to real bricks is that brick veneer is far thinner and lighter than the classic heavy brickwork, and it can be easily laid directly on top of any sort of paneling. Metal clips hold up the brick veneer, allowing for air to still pass through. The great thing about brick veneer is that it is fireproof and also very curable, and it still acts as an insulator just as the classic bricks do.

Brick Fa?de Siding

This type of siding is placed and applied directly over building paper and is held in place by cement. Just like the veneer siding, it is a great choice for those looking to save energy and looks just like real brickwork. If you're concerned about it looking like the monotonous, classic brick styles, fear no more: brick fa?de siding comes in a large range of patterns and colors to match your home.

Now that we've explored brick siding, let's talk about stone siding. There are many types of stone sidings, from natural stone settings, to faux or manufactured stone sidings. It is important to know that, apart from appearance, each type of stone comes with their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to recognize your needs and find the appropriate stone to suit your desires.

Natural Stone Siding

Natural stone siding is not only gorgeous, but it is also fireproof and extremely durable. Though it may be expensive, it may very well be worth the investment. The only drawback is that if your home has a weaker structure, this type of siding may be too heavy to be supported.

Manufactured or "Faux" Stone Siding

The great thing about manufactured stone siding is that it is far more economical than the natural stone siding. It also comes in a number of different colors, as well as price ranges. Manufactured stone tends to be heavier than the "faux" stone siding, so if you do need to go for a lighter type of "stone", stick with the "faux" stone panels.

Whatever style of stone you choose, you will be greatly impressed by the new, refreshed look it will give to your home.