So you wanted a new bathroom. You expected the bathroom designer to be the one to do all the installation work, the plumbing, to draw up the plans ? the blueprints ? and to deal with all the permitting issues. But you were wrong. When you finished with the bathroom designer, they handed you a design and went away. What is wrong with this picture? Your expectations were too high and you did not clarify them.

Sometimes you can go to a hardware store and they will have bathroom designers. You can take the dimensions of your bathroom to them, and you can sit down and model out your bathroom. The advantages of this are that they have the appliances there, the installers work for them, and you will make one payment. This doesn?t mean that the same people will do each job, but it does mean everyone doing the job works for the same company. This is a situation where you know what you are getting with a bathroom designer.

When you hire an individual bathroom designer, do not expect that person to be the contractor, the architect, the permit-handler, the plumber, and the electrician. You must talk with them first. Some people simply design bathrooms, and leave it to others to do the work. Some designers are also contractors, and can help with the work. Whatever you want from the bathroom designer, make sure you communicate that to them, so they have the chance to tell you if they can meet your expectations or not.

Keep your expectations low at the first meeting. Know that most bathroom designers are just that ? designers. Nothing more, nothing less. So what you should expect when hiring a bathroom designer is just that ? to get a bathroom design. Nothing more, nothing less.