If you are a homeowner, you know how hard it is just to keep the kitchen clean. Next consideration may be the washroom, then the vacuuming, and maybe you get around to making the bed from time to time. Then suddenly you notice that your backyard looks like a mangled jungle, simply because you did not have the time to tend to the darn thing! You notice those lingering looks that your neighbors have been giving your front lawn, and you feel embarrassed.

Okay, so you let the outside of your home go; but you didn?t mean to! There was just so much to do on the inside to even get AROUND to the outside! If this sounds anything like how your life is, then it may be time to think about hiring on a professional landscaper to take on the job of maintaining your yard.

A landscaper can be hired simply to take care of your yard on a ?one-time? basis, when you have been irregularly busy and simply have not had the time to fix it up, or you can hire them on to do a regular job on your yard.

If you simply have a lawn that needs to be mowed from time to time, it may not be worth calling the landscaper. But here are some things to consider should you be entertaining the idea:

  • What is the size of your property? Do you have a number of plants, trees and shrubs that will need tending to? How much grass is there to tend to?
  • How well to you tolerate ?unkempt? grass? At what height are you disgusted by the appearance of your lawn?
  • Do you enjoy gardening, or do you loathe it with a passion?
  • Do you enjoy having healthy and thriving plants and a good quality lawn, or could you not care less?
  • Have you a high tolerance for snakes, rats and mice that may be trail blazing through your otherwise unkempt yard?

Another thing to consider is this: the more services that you employ from a company, the cheaper the overall expense will be. So if you do have an ornate yard that you LOVE to look out upon on a daily basis, but hate to weed, then hiring a landscaping company to do the dirty work is probably a good idea.

If you plan to hire a landscaper on at a regular schedule, first start off with once a week until both the lawn and the yard are looking as good as they can be. Once that point is reached, it is reasonable to drop the amount of time to twice a month, or once every two weeks. You can then decide, depending on your plants and weed situation, just how often you need to have the landscapers come over and plot out a schedule.

NOTE: Never pay for an entire year in advanced, especially if the company is brand new or has yet to build a GOOD reputation. This may very well lead to you losing out on hundreds of dollars. Also never pay for services that are NOT COMPLETED by someone who you do not trust.