As more home improvement and "energy efficient" tax breaks roll in, more and more home owners are considering renovating their homes and improving both the house's appearance and energy efficiency. Because of such incentives, many people are first looking to change the many windows in their home.

Those living in older, heritage homes - though beautiful - probably also still have old windows that do nothing to help conserve energy. Old windows are not very good at holding in heat or keeping the inside of the home cool.

Homes that have been built after the World Wars - around perhaps the mid-1900s - often have "utilitarian-style" windows that are not energy efficient, and the wood or aluminum sashing is often quite unattractive. Not only that, but these older windows can prove to be quite frustrating given that they tend to stick or they do not stay in the position you intended them to stay in. Because of this, these windows are also a security risk as anyone can manipulate these windows to break into your home. If you do have old windows, be sure to check to see if the locks are still working properly as well.

I know, the thought of replacing numerous windows probably has you holding your wallet tighter since it seems to be a rather costly undertaking. Contact your local window contractor; you may be surprised just how cheap a multiple window replacement can be!

If you have recognized the benefits of changing your old windows for new ones, you then have the fun task of deciding what type of window or windows you would like to add to your home, and where t put them. Most windows these days have glazes, tints, and other chemical treatments that help protect your home against UVA and UVB rays, that help increase energy efficiency, and more. If you currently have large picture and bay windows in your home, consider these to be replaced first. These windows often let out a lot of home's heat, or let in a lot of the outdoor heat in the summer, so it is important to replace these with new treated windows.

If you also have windows that open and close with a hinge, consider replacing these second. The metal or aluminum hinges allow for heat to escape easily. Replacing these with new hinges and windows will help keep your home energy efficient and will also improve your home's appearance.