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Blossom Landscapes Installations
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Blossom Landscapes Installations provides Landscaping services in Colorado Springs, CO. Call them at 719-243-9107 for more details.


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Suzanne Moore
2 reviews

Additionally, when I asked Terry if he would provide license, insurance or bond to avoid a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General, he said he was not concerned. I told him ok and have an nice evening. His reply was, and I quote, "I am having a nice eve. On your money."

Suzanne Moore
2 reviews

Terry has never provided a bus. license, bond or insurance.A friend of his says he lives in his truck.I had a contract with Terry for a driveway entrance,I gave him $1000 down & the very next day he informed me that since he was not aware of the city reg/code it would cost another $900-immediately. He refused to substantiate the COSTS of the job. I told him that I didn't want him to be upside down on this, but he was 'done'. If he or a worker is hurt on your property, plan on paying for it.If you work for him,read this racist quote from him on the BBB ."The fact is this,all of your construction people coming in from out of state are mostly criminal. That's the same labor that's on the entire local market. As much as I don't like working with the younger generations that are corrupted,that's the labor being drawn into colorado. Maybe they'll legalize heroin next and we get the rest of the country's criminals up in here.'Complaints abound from workers who haven't been paid.

1 reviewColorado Springs

Terrible service.

mr need my money u owe me
1 review

Terrible not a real business he schemes off the top and he doesn't pay his workers

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