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Definitive Custom Homes, Inc.
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Definitive Custom Homes, Inc. provides Custom Homes services in San Antonio, TX. Call them at 210-764-2444 for more details.


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Terry a
1 review

We chose Definitive Custom Homes to build our "Dream Home" and have been absolutely thrilled with the entire process. We moved in three weeks ago and still cannot believe that we own such a beautiful home. We've owned many homes during our 29 years of Military service, but this was our first true "Custom" home. We had contracted with another builder 18 months ago to build a Custom home for us. After four months of waiting for blueprints and a contract price, we found out that natural gas, which was a top priority item, was not available in the subdivision. They claimed they didn't know and then we had to fight for two months to get our $10,000 deposit back. Needless to say, we were devastated and weren't sure we would be able to trust another builder. Then we found Greg Mikesell, II. After sharing our story with him, he assured us that if we gave him the opportunity to build our home, that he would be honest and straightforward with us. He was true to his word from day one. He gave us a written firm contract price and other than our upgrades, the contract price never changed. Greg told us that any upgrades we wanted he would charge us only what he was charged. He didn't tack on extra fees so we were able to upgrade items that we never dreamed we'd be able to afford. We didn't have to put down a large deposit like we had with the other builder. The building process was great. We had open lines of communication at all times and if we ever had a concern about something not fitting or being right, it was taken care of immediately. We are so glad we found Greg and his team of professionals to build our "Dream Home". Our home is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! It is much nicer than we ever dreamed it would be. If we ever decide to build another home in the future, it most certainly will be with Definitive Custom Homes.

Steven & Rosemarie Place
1 review

Originally from Michigan, we've been visiting San Antonio and have been considering moving to the area for quite some time. We had looked for existing homes, but decided to build instead. After an extensive search, we had finally found a local builder, but unfortunately it wasn't Definitive Custom Homes, Inc. We explained to the other company exactly what we were looking for and set an amount that we wanted to spend. The other party assured us that they could stay within our intended budget. While back in Michigan, we kept in touch with the builder and even paid a deposit (to our dismay). They sent us the house plans with one caveat; the price was $34,000 over what we had agreed upon. After having such a bad experience we cancelled the prospect of building and figured we would just stay in Michigan until something else came along. In 2003, we came back to San Antonio and came across Definitive Custom Homes, owned by Greg Mikesell. Needless to say, we loved his company's product but we were a little skeptical from our previous incident. We scheduled an appointment, told him our budget and what we were looking for and he said, "no problem". We agreed on some custom plans and took the ball and ran with it! At this point we were sure we were being taken for a ride, but Definitive Custom Homes delivered as promised! They started the house the first week of March 2003 and we closed June 16th 2003. Even more to his praise, we trusted his company to build our dream home while we were living in Michigan. Greg stayed in constant contact with us to keep us informed of the progress. In Definitive Custom Homes we trust! Thank you Greg!

Tawny W
1 review

Every day when I get home, I look at my house and can't believe that it's mine. That I could own something so distinctive, so skillfully crafted, so absolutely gorgeous continues to amaze me still - ten months after I moved in. When I first decided to buy a house, I considered all options. I started by looking at pre-existing homes. After viewing more than 30 houses, I knew this wasn't a feasible choice for me. All of the houses reflected the current owner's style, taste, and unfortunately for me or any other potential buyer, in some cases, their cleaning and general home maintenance habits. I knew that if I bought a pre-existing house, I would want to make it my "home" and would spend a lot of time, money, and effort to reflect my style and taste. I would need to replace the carpet, paint the walls, replace the countertops, replace some of the electrical fixtures, and the list seemed to keep growing with the number of houses I viewed. That's when I decided to build a new house, so that I could pick out the color scheme and style I wanted from the beginning. I looked at many different "track" homebuilders, but found limited opportunities to personalize it into "my home". I could select my carpet, cabinets, and some other items, but even then the selections were limited and in some areas, not the level of quality I desired. Of course, I could pay for upgrades, but they were extremely expensive and the options and items available for upgrade were still limited. I wanted a house that when I walked in the door felt "right" - felt like me. It was at that moment that I knew the only option for me was to build a custom home. It's a decision I'm thrilled I made every time I drive up to my house. Greg Mikesell and Definitive Custom Homes worked with me every step of the way to create the "home" I had been searching for. From designing the floor plan that suited my needs and reflected my style to picking out the front door, windows, ceiling fans, kitchen cabinets, ceramic tile, and all the other many items; I couldn't have asked for a better team to guide me in that process than Definitive Custom Homes. Thank you Greg and Definitive Customs Homes for building a house I can't wait to get home to every day!!

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