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Genuine Homes provides Custom Homes services in Elizabeth, CO. Call them at 303-324-3641 for more details.

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Thomas W.
1 review

Dear Mike: I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you, once again, for the outstanding job you did building my new home. I am constantly amazed by the attention to detail and craftsmanship you put into this house. From the wood floors, to the crisp, clean finish work, to the bright spacious design incorporated into the existing landscape, to the marvelous kitchen and on and on, I couldn't be more pleased. Everything is painstakingly finished and the extra appointments you had the foresight to provide, just makes this house a home in every way. For example, your maintenance free decking is so easy to maintain. Also, your energy efficient approach to this home is a blessing in this day and age of higher energy costs. Although the upper two floors are a typical forced air system, the hydronic heat incorporated into the walkout area was genius. I have continually noticed that my natural gas bill is typically less than half of what my neighbors pay. I heat my home to 70 degrees F. and I use my three gas fireplaces on a very regular basis. I look forward to a long stay here at Gamble Oaks and I'm proud of my new home. You have the right to be as well. Please feel free to use my endorsement as a recommendation to any future party who might contemplate having you build their new home.

Mary Lou & John
1 review

My husband and I are proud to write a letter of recommendation regarding the work performance of Mike Lenz Construction Co. Mike built our lovely house in Elizabeth, Colorado in 1993. We found Mike to be very capable and concerned throughout every phase of construction, including intricate detail. His talent and skills were thoroughly put to test due to special, upfront design planning and lot placement of our home. Mike's expertise, care and creativity accomplished everything we had hoped for in a new home. Mike was very considerate of and receptive to our every request, had many creative suggestions which we greatly appreciated and helped us immensely to accomplish the construction of a lovely home of top quality. He was very professional in everything he did and we enjoyed our association with Mike and thank him. We would recommend Mike Lenz Construction Company to even the most discriminating of a new home planner.

Julie R.
1 review

To Whom It May Concern: I had Mike Lenz build my home in 2001. From the start I looked at his expertise in the design of my home. Functionality was my key interest incorporating an open space with warmth. When I have guests over they always comment on how beautiful and open the home is. One of Mike's key values was helping me keep to the planned budget. It would have been very easy to go over the budget. However, Mike was persistent in reminding me of the cost I wanted to maintain. I have worked with other contractors that would have raised the cost to fit my wants, rather than keep me on track to my budget. My home was built to the set budget! Mike was very efficient on getting the final check list completed to reach my target move in date. It was a great comfort knowing that I would not have to worry about a transitional period from my old house to the new home. Even with delays due to weather, Mike was still on target. I love my home and the quality and commitment that was put into it.

Mark & Bev
1 review

Dear Mike, We are writing tis letter of recommendation for you to share with others if they ask for references,. If after reading this letter, people have any concerns about contracting with you, please feel free to have them contact us. We would be happy to talk to them, or let them walk through our house in order to experience firsthand the quality of construction which you deliver. It was truly a pleasure to work with you in the construction of our beautiful house. In all aspects the construction is of extremely high quality and craftsmanship, and you were very fair and reasonable in meeting our requirements. We were especially impressed with your ability to adhere to tight cost and schedule targets while responding to the change orders we requested. The fact that halfway through the project you were able to shorten the construction schedule by two weeks in order to meet our required move-in date is a credit to your project management skills. After obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy we were impressed with your responsiveness in closing out our "punch list" of minor changes and fixed. We have walked through many new houses that cost much more than ours, but they did not have the quality of construction and craftmanship which can be easily observed upon entering our house. Again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. You represent the standard by which other contractors should be judged, and are a credit to the residential construction industry.

Dwayne and Anita
1 review

We are currently now living in a home built by Mike Lenz of Genuine Homes Corp. The house is a hybrid home consisting of ICF walls, a timber frame and a SIP Panel roof. There are sections of the home that were built with traditional 2X6 construction. This was not an easy home to build, and not without issues that had to be resolved. The house took 10 months to build, which was what Mike had estimated, and came in within 2% of budget. We are very pleased with our home, and after many horror stories that our neighbours passed along to us over the past year, are thankful that we chose Mike. Our building process was as stress free as building a home could be, largely in part to Mike's efforts and professionalism. He continued to fix minor issues throughout warranty period. We would certainly use Mike in the future if we decide to build another home. Mike was our best choice to build our home.

Bill & Pat H.
1 review

During the construction of our new home these past six months, it has been a real pleasure to observe Mike Lenz and his professional approach of providing quality in the construction field. Mike and his attention to detail became very evident to us in the early stages of construction. It was also noted that he required the same quality from the sub-contractors on this project. He was also very patient in answering the many questions that arose during the construction stages. In summation, we have found his integrity to be unquestionable and we believe it shows in our home. Without reservation, we would not hesitate to utilize Mike Lenz in the construction of another home. Additionally, we have received many compliments on quality of workmanship from our friends who have seen the finished product.

Brent S.
1 review

Mike, As I near the end of the one year post-construction contract, I wanted to take a minute and thank you for all your hard work and service that you have provided me and my family. I had never been involved in any construction project and knew very little about how to design a house and build it. I could have been easily lead to make bad decisions, and feel my trust in your decisions were well placed. I am extremely happy with the house you built us. The quality level is exceptional and you kept the cost within our budget. We have had minimal difficulties with the house over the past year and without exception you solved them all promplty. I don't anticipate having to build another house, but if I did, you would be the only builder I would consider.

Kurt and Karen W.
1 review

Mike built our home in Elizabeth, CO. We were very pleased with his abilities to personally work side by side and meeting with our needs while remaining close to budget. Mike was quick to resolve and complete any post construction issues after the original walk through and we have not had any major problems in the three years we have lived there. To date, there have been no foundation settlement problems, no drywall seams coming apart, no misalignment in doors, to sum it up - it has been a very solid home. Mike has also been an asset to our neighborhood both by sercving on the Architectural Review Committee and helping in planning for future necessities within our neighborhood. He is extremely conscientious in regards to the environment impacts that are both pre and post project affected, always focusing on the natural surroundings being a key priority. Once again, we are extremely pleased with the physical construction and overall quality of workmanship put into our home. Not only would we highly recommend him to other future homeowners, but will also most definitely hire Mike again to build our future retirement home.

Wendy P.
1 review

It is with great pleasure that I provide this letter of recommendation for Genuine Homes and Mike Lenz. Designing and building a home was a daunting task for me, however recently had a custom home built by Mike and had a wonderful experience. Genuine Homes made the planning and culmination of the home a seamless and low stress process. Mike maintained a professional composure from our initial discussions throughout the process. He possesses an impressive architectural ability and was able to transform my specific desires into a lovely, yet functional home. His design expertise played an important role in our entire homebuilding process. Genuine homes is clearly dedicated to detail, quality and excellence. At every juncture of the home building process it was comforting to know that my home was being built with quality workmanship and materials. I developed a high level of trust in Mike and felt confident in his judgement and decisions. I was also quite impressed with skill at which Mike handled his subcontractors and his intuitiveness in managing the workflow. As a buyer it is nice to see progress on a continuous basis, and with a busy schedule have flexibility and timeframes for decisions laid out in advance. In addition o Mr. Lenz's professional attributes, he was also always friendly, willing to work and meet with me at flexible times and supportive and helpful in any decisions that needed to be made. He took time to look at colors and textures and always offered excellent feedback and suggestions. He was always willing to accommodate last minute changes but at the same time was honest and upfront with the impact of the changes, whether it be financial or time delays. I am happy to say that my experience with Genuine Homes was an excellent one. I would give Mike my Highest Recommendation and know that future custom homebuyers will feel the same.

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