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The stone produced is a hard granite rock for use in: stone gardens, stone homes, art stone, stone city, stone floor and others. We are a company with our own factory and quarries that is our own stone source. The granite is extract in big blocks and then cut to size in: corner stone, cobblestone, stone tiles, curbstone, stone wall, curbstone, pavestone, kerb, stair stone and others. Products prepared for pavers/cobbler to tiling, flagging, stone design, paving stone, cobbling, pathing, building a stone wall and others applications. From our quarries we extract different stone color: blackrock (black stone), yellowstone, grey granite and pink granite (stone rose). In planet granite the stone texture depend on customer's request whether it be: split/cleft, Sawn, bush-hammered, flamed, granulated, honed, polished or even sand-blasted. Our main customers are paving expert specialized in natural stones accustomed to the universe of stone world able to achieve the most demanding applications. Our rustic granite gained its market over the years especially with regard in cobblestones field. Our cobble of granite has a beautiful stone texture ideal for cobbler, so he can make the pavestone with quality and speed required.


Project 1

Jan 12 2015Russell, IA

Construction of a driveway in granite setts in my home

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