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Ko Classic Homeworks, LLC provides Additions and Remodels services in Denver, CO. Call them at 303-722-3000 for more details.

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Josh & Dawn
1 review

A few aspects of your work stand out: Our project manager Colin is a star. While we initially wondered whether Colin was old enough to order a cocktail, we were pleasantly surprised by his maturity and ability to manage every last detail of the construction. More important, Colin is one of the most patient and responsive guys we know. We felt like Colin was our advocate throughout the job, and he wasn't happy unless we were. The tile guys did a knockout job on the master bath. Dawn and I agree that our glass tile shower is the finest we've seen. Getting out of bed is easier now. The overall quality and attention to detail in the addition is first rate. The addition complements the character of the original house, yet it is updated for the 21st century. It oozes curb appeal. The neighbors are jealous.

Angie & Bill
1 review

Thank you so much for the excellent work your company did on our bath and laundry remodel and game room addition. During the 20 years we have owned our home, we have worked with several contractors on various remodeling projects. Our experience with Classic Homeworks was the most satisfying of all of our projects. Your steadfast dedication to planning and preparing prior to starting any work saved us time and money in the long run. Once the work began, your crew was on site every day, making progress towards the finished product. Once the budget was established, we stayed true to those numbers. The quality of your work is excellent. It is truly a pleasure to use our space. Thank you to Terry, who did a great job managing the job site. He effectively managed the sub-contactors, kept us informed, and made sure the house was left in good condition at the end of the day. We definitely recommend Classic Homeworks to homeowners who are either experienced or inexperienced in home remodeling projects.

Tracy & Randy
1 review

If we did it all over again, I don't think we'd do anything differently. I wish we had had a larger budget to be able to finish the basement, but the decisions made gave us the 'biggest bang for our buck.' We were glad to have Colin on the project all the way through, and he did a good job on-site.

Sandy & Martin
1 review

Kelli has great ideas & style and is easy to work with. Terry is the best a person could hope for as a project supervisor.

1 review

Rick is a solid leader, and has his business acumen down. He is thorough and has brought in great people, including his office and the sub contractors, that will be on your site. Colin (my project supervisor and all around rock star) is a master craftsman, and is even more impressive at defusing situations that could make the remodeling process very difficult. He is diligent and helpful, always attentive.

1 review

Classic Homeworks was recommended to me by a neighbor. From the first time I met with Joel, I knew I had found the right company. I laid out my expectations and concerns - maintaining the period style of my home, having a crew that would be well-supervised since I work full-time, and holding my hand as this was the first foray into the world of remodeling and I didn't have a clue as what to do. Needless to say, your team not only addressed my concerns but gave them the highest priority. Every aspect of my remodeling experience with Classic Homeworks was wonderful. You and Joel took a very, very sad kitchen and designed a space that reflects my personal taste, fits seamlessly with the character of my home, and is thoroughly updated. I would have never thought to move the kitchen window or tear down part of a wall to incorporate the mud room. The transformation was amazing and I get absolutely rave reviews from family and friends. Honestly, I feel like a princess when I'm in that kitchen! And, while the bathroom remains small, now it's a fresh and inviting space. The craftsmanship and quality of your work were excellent.

Jim & Susie
1 review

Believe it or not, we can't think of a single thing that we would change. We also appreciate your design input. We never would have thought of putting the bathroom where it is, but you did. It is great. We are still as excited about our new basement as we were the day you turned it over to us.

1 review

The bathroom renovation that your company did on my home in Congress Park was exceptional, taking it down to the lath and plaster and making it much more usable and updated space, while maintaining the period style. In fact, the bathroom is a complete pleasure! I wish I had done the renovation sooner. The concrete and parging work that your company did has also enhanced my home. I particularly liked Joel's suggestion to edge the concrete landing with brick pavers. It was very enjoyable to work with Joel in the design stage and with Terry during the construction, as well as to continue to interact with you and Joel during and after the construction. I felt that the work was done in a professional, high quality manner, and with a minimum of problems. I would certainly look forward to working with you again, when and if I decide to do additional renovations in the future.

1 review

Every time I hear friends talk about their remodeling fiascos, I just smile to myself. Every aspect of my experience with Classic Homeworks was wonderful, from Ray's willingness to accommodate my schedule and unique needs to the design help from Ray, Rick, and Marilyn, to Colin's outstanding job of supervision and careful follow-up to the quick and thorough project completion, and above all, the gorgeous final product! I can honestly say that I loved my remodeling from start to finish, and Classic Homeworks did everything possible to minimize the disruption and intrusion into my life and to keep me informed as the job progressed. Bravo and thanks!

Alex & Patricia
1 review

I wanted to take a moment to personally commend you and your employees Terry and Colin for a great job in all respects pertaining to the basement project, as well as the professionalism that all of you displayed throughout the project. While there are usually concerns in a construction project that there will be delays, disputes and other problems, we were very pleased at the level of professionalism, responsiveness and honesty that Classic Homeworks displayed throughout this long process. It also goes without saying that the craftsmanship of the actual basement renovation was excellent, and we believe that Classic Homeworks did an outstanding job in turning our unlivable basement space into a beautiful and functional family room and bath. We are very pleased with the end result, and should we ever have another remodeling/ renovation project, or the opportunity to refer Classic Homeworks to someone else, we will certainly do so.

Gary & Maureen
1 review

We want to thank you, Jim and Colin for all of the work you did on our kitchen remodeling. In looking back at the project, we decided that we would not change anything if we did it over again. From the design meetings through project completion, we felt like we knew what to expect so the final outcome was exactly what we had hoped for. We also feel that all three of you were professional, did quality work and listened to our desires and concerns. All of this made the experience for us very enjoyable.

Akos & Edith
1 review

In the fall of this year, Classic Homeworks remodeled our kitchen. The age of the old kitchen and the limited space created challenges and unforeseeable problems both in the planning and the execution stages. Classic Homeworks handled these challenges professionally and to our great satisfaction. We had good communication throughout the entire project, and found great cooperation on Classic Homeworks's part at every phase of the job. We have to give special praise to the supervision and workmanship.

Margie & Rob
1 review

Our basement remodel project was handled professionally from the time we first met with you. The detail that you provided gave us the assurance that all issues were being considered, and we knew exactly what to expect. Your knowledge and expertise with homes in the Washington Park area enabled you to identify some potential problems that we never would have considered. I still have to smile when I think of the proposal from your competitor -- a one page document with almost no details and a very appealing price tag. Although we ended up spending more money than we had originally expected before we met with you, you were able to show us why certain decisions might work better, and you always gave us choices that could reduce costs. In addition, there were never any surprises about cost, and when we made changes we were given change orders with prices. At least I know I'm not impossible to please, because you did it!

Michael & Michelle
1 review

Classic Homeworks was recommended to us by a previous customer for their exceptional work. Classic Homeworks remodeled our kitchen/dining rooms into a more usable, open feeling-type area. It involved wall removal, door relocations, plumbing & electrical changes, installing new lighting, wood flooring, cabinets and countertops. The job was completed right on schedule according to the contract. The job foreman was courteous, helpful with construction decisions, and very thorough with his nightly write-up of upcoming construction events and questions for us during the whole process. After hearing the nightmares of working with bad contractors and the things that could happen, we were very happy with the decision to use Classic Homeworks for our kitchen project and very highly recommend them for any home improvement project.

1 review

I have had Classic Homeworks do 4 complete projects at my house -- two complete bath renovations, one kitchen and one basement. The attention to detail at every step is what keeps me returning to Classic Homeworks. They also clean up very well at the end of each day, which makes living through construction bearable. Rick has been reassuring to work with throughout these 4 projects; his insight on plan and design is tops. On all of these projects he has greatly improved my first ideas of the design with his suggestions.

John & Anita
1 review

We continue to be delighted with the addition, the new kitchen and bathroom, and we get rave reviews from friends and family. The kitchen is much more convenient than I imagined it would be and the office/family room is our favorite place to be.

Jennifer & Melissa
1 review

If we had to do the project over again, we don't think we would change anything. The project was well thought out, both from our end and Classic Homeworks, so all went well.

A.J. & Lori
1 review

We wanted to express our gratitude for the amazing transformation your team performed on our kitchen. Prior to the remodel, the kitchen was dark, cramped, and tough to work side-by-side in and we didn't consider it the centerpiece of our home. When guests came over we did not want them to hang around in the kitchen and mingle while we prepared dinner. Now we invite guests over just to see the kitchen! We were so pleased with the friendliness and great communication of the project supervisor, Terry, that we felt like we were losing an old friend when the project was completed and he was loading his truck for the last time. After all of this, the result is stunning!!! The project was well worth the time and energy spent putting it together and living through the mess (although the staff kept the area surprisingly clean throughout the whole thing). We would highly recommend Classic Homeworks to anyone considering a remodeling project. The skill level, communication and knowledge of 'older homes' Classic Homeworks brought to our project is priceless! Thanks again for making our kitchen a masterpiece!

1 review

Overall, I found Classic Homeworks to be a very professional company, one which held my wishes and needs as the highest priority. As with any project such as this, there were a few setbacks, but all were handled expeditiously, and professionally, and in the end, none had any significant effect on either the final completion date or quality of work done. I found it particularly impressive that Terry, my foreman, was willing to come by on Saturdays to complete some fairly minor tasks which needed to be addressed before construction could proceed the following Monday. Overall, I felt Classic Homeworks did everything possible to minimize the inconvenience of having my kitchen remodeled.

1 review

I contracted the services of Classic Homeworks in early October to complete a 230 square foot addition to the back of my brick bungalow. I specifically requested that each of the bidding contractors return their bid with the confirmation that they could start and complete the work prior to December 23. Classic Homeworks not only provided a competitive bid against some of the very biggest and well known contractors in Denver, but were the only contractor willing to commit to the timeframes I needed -- and they made good upon that commitment. From the very first meeting, Classic Homeworks showed that they were in tune with what my expectations were and how important meeting that completion date was to me. They were very respectful of my space, and were diligent about keeping the work area clean. They even took the responsibility to let the dog out each day to do his thing! In an era when reliable contractors are impossible to find, I would challenge you to find another contractor in Denver today who deals as professionally and ethically as Classic Homeworks did with me.

Jean & Mark
1 review

We hired Classic Homeworks to renovate and expand our two bedroom, one bath home in Hilltop, where we had 1350 square feet of living space. Six and a half months later, Classic Homeworks had transformed our simple ranch into a 3100 square foot, five bedroom, three bath home with a finished basement. The Classic Homeworks crew took good care of us through it all. The design staff picked up where my architect gave up. We hoped for a pop-top addition that didn't look tacked on. The new portion of the house had to honor the details of the old. Classic Homeworks worked with us until we had drawn up the house we wanted. People who have never visited our home say they can't believe we had anything done to it because the floor plan all flows together naturally and seamlessly. We first learned about Rick's meticulous attention to detail when we first hired Classic Homeworks to build a master suite addition for our previous home. We were happy with his work then. We're thrilled with his latest project for us much so that we've recommended Classic Homeworks to our News Director for his remodeling needs. We're still employed at KCNC-TV, so I guess Rick has pleased the boss, too!

Jim & Allison
1 review

The final results are beyond what we had possibly expected. Taking that old mud porch and turning it into usable, attractive space was amazing. We often spend time, after eating dinner there, sitting and talking because the room is so comfortable. We both appreciate the design work that you did and in particular the way the room integrates with the rest of the house -- not an easy design given the age of the house. Please thank Terry and Jim for all the extra efforts, particularly returning in the evening to relight the heat and thinking to have the door keys rekeyed to fit the other locks. When we are ready to start some of the other projects we would like the same crews to do the work.

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