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Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing provides Appraisers and Home Inspectors services in Marcus Hook, PA. Call them at 800-866-6292 for more details.

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When I first put the deposit down on my new house, I was too excited to really give much thought about the water problems that I may experience. It did not take long until the excitement started to fade and I kept wondering why I bought a house in a flood zone. I even purchased flood insurance after the bank officials said that I did not need to have it, but I still didn't sleep any easier. Well, settlement day came and I moved in. Within the first month in the new house I started to see water in the basement. That was when I got the yellow pages and started my search. Well, the winter snow has melted plus I made it through the past weekend of rain. Quite Dry, I must add! I am thoroughly convinced that had it not been for the drainage system and your funny little black "egg crate" like plastic you installed along the walls of my basement we would have had more water then we would have known what to do with. I would like to thank you for both your patience and perseverance during that decision making process.

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What a fine job John and his crew did waterproofing our basement. They were courteous, friendly and respectful of our home making the best of an unpleasant job. They worked extra long to get the job done with the least amount of inconvenience to us (with the holiday weekend coming we were expecting guests) and best of all we now have a clean, dry basement.

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AT LAST!!! I can sit and watch the rain come down and not worry about getting water in my basement. For many years I agonized over what to do about this situation. I knew my home was deteriorating and something had to be done. I saw advertisements for Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing on the weather channel however the cost and choosing the right contractor to provide the services were of great concern to me. I decided to take a chance on Mid-Atlantic and they came to my home to evaluate the situation. I want to tell you that the inspectors were not only concerned about the deterioration of my home but they were also genuinely concerned about my well being since I had been so stressed out over this problem. The men who came to do the work were kind and considerate and cleaned up afterwards. I would not hesitate to recommend Mid-Atlantic to my friends and family.

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Well I had water coming into my basement walls and decided to start talking to waterproofing companies to see what my options were. The first company I called was Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing. The salesman came out and told me he wasn't from the residential side of things but he worked for the Real Estate division but was asked to come out because all the other salesmen were so busy helping other customers. He looked at my basement (I have never had water on my floor, just the wall would get wet) and told me basement was in critical condition and needed a water proofing system immediately. He told me I have two options, excavate the outside or put in a water management system in the basement. He told me he didn't recommend the excavation because of the cost but told me he was required to price it up and offer it to me. It was $48,000. He then priced out the basement system which came out to $12,600. He said to me, "see isn't that much better than the other price?". He then started to talk some discounts because he "thought I was a good guy", gave me 5% off because of where I worked, and gave me a discount because he just happened to have a crew right down the street that was finishing up a job early and could have them here in 3 days. The price was down to $8600. I asked if I could have a few days to think about it, he said this price was only good for tonight and would be back up to 12k if I didn't sign up tonight. He then went back to how critical it was I get this done because my basement was in critical condition. After 4 hours of this, I finally folded. He had me scared and I signed for $8600. It was the most uncomfortable decision I have ever made. After he left I went to the internet to review who I just gave a lot of money to. I found a site that had a lot of reviews on this company. Story after story they were all just like mine, as if I had written them. High pressure salesman that worked for the Real Estate or commercial side and was coming out as a favor for the company, large 40k+ job but recommended the inside job, doom and gloom for your basement, could start the job in 3 days but swore they used their own people and not hired help (which it seems is not the case). I died a little on the inside. But. I found a silver lining; the Fed Gov requires that you are given the chance to cancel within 3 days of signing a contract. The next day I canceled. Since then I have had 4 other companies come in and look at my basement. They gave their recommendations but so far no one has told my basement is going to collapse the next time it rains like Mid-Atlantic did. I told 2 of the companies that I had Mid-Atlantic in and they BOTH said to me "let me guess, they told you they were from the commercial side, they gave you a "huge discount" because of that fact, told you basement was collapsing, gave you a lot of pressure to sign that night and price was only good for that night, told you they could have a crew here in 3 days because they were already close by". Yep, that's them. As of August 2007 I am still trying to decide who to go with, but take this advice before you sign with someone: NEVER sign anything the first night especially if they say this price is only good this night. Talk to at least 3 companies before signing with anyone. Do your research before signing. Search the internet for reviews and check out the Better Business Bureau (check out Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing on there, 72+ complaints). Good luck, Jay, from the Philadelphia area.

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The laundry room had water trickling across the floor after most rains. The outside was damp most of the time. The closet had a musty odor and mildew all around. The baseboard was rotted, as was the bottom of the panels on one outside wall. The crew and his helpers did an excellent job. They were very courteous and proficient and did their work well. I am very pleased and satisfied.

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Right from the start with the inspector who was very knowledgeable, thorough and professional, explained everything from start to finish, step by step and made it understandable. I also commend the work the crew did, it was fast, efficient & neat once again very professional. We have had a few hard rainstorms since my system was installed and I have no water at all. I am very pleased with the service that you provided.

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Driving home from work I could see many flooded streams. I began to wonder what our basement would look like by the time we got home. Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing you have my highest recommendation to friends and family when asked about a good waterproofing company. Thank you for a job well done. Your company has saved both my husband and I many hours of backbreaking mopping and pailing. WE can now relax when the "RAINS" come down.

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Late last evening George and his crew finished the very tedious and labor-intensive job installing a water management system in our home. Both he and his crew worked under less than desirable conditions and did so without complaint. Please feel free to share my comments with them.

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I am writing to tell you how very impressed I was with the workmen. They did their work very efficiently and it was a pleasure having them work in my home. You are to be congratulated on your fine employees.

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Your Harrisburg, PA branch recently completed a waterproofing of my basement and did an excellent job. There are no longer puddles, seepage or dampness on my basement floor. My basement water problems when I bought the house in June 1989 were severe. The cellar was often accumulating as much as four inches of water twice a day before Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing completed their work. Now I confidently store my tools, sporting goods, hardware, and wood in the basement, which previously had been nothing more than aggravation and a worry. I am more than satisfied with the superb job your crew did with my basement.

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