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Mitchell Construction provides Additions and Remodels services in Salt Lake City, UT. Call them at 801-508-0373 for more details.

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Julian & Sarah Mogzec
1 review

Mitchell Construction remodeled and finished our basement adding a bath, playroom, office and laundry room. The work was was very thorough and our family is extremely happy with the end results. Mitchell Construction was referred by friends and we would be happy to recomend their company to others as well.

Nancy M
1 review

Mitchell Construction built two deck systems to alleviate a very dangerous entrance situation at my home and also solved some problems with a rental unit. He is always very pleasant, knowledgeable, and honest, does the work on time and at the agreed upon price.

Lorraine S
1 review

Bud Mitchell remodeled my kitchen, closed in a portion of carport, laid new hardwood flooring through out, upgraded the laundry, installed all new vinyl fencing. All of the work was professionally done on budget and timely. He is very creative in planning and solving problems. I highly recommend him.

Jeff & Amanda Winters
1 review

We had Bud Mitchell of Mitchell Construction finish our basement. Bud did an excellent job we are very happy with the end result. We trusted Bud with the keys to our home during the construction period, he was very organized, neat and clean. Work was done for agreed price, timely and consulted me on my part. We highly recommend him.

Larry G
1 review

Mitchell Construction has done two projects at different times for us. The first was a situation where high winds and rain were damaging the interior of our home. Bud suggested a simple solution that still allowed us to view unobstructed the beautiful rugged mountain view through our seven glass doors and fixed panels. The finished job of which Bud did very professionally looks as if it was part of the original construction. The second project was of a medical emergency nature in that we needed a special front entrance constructed. Bud immediately after my call came and completed the project. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Owen P
1 review

Bud Mitchell of Mitchell Construction over the last 2 years has practically rebuilt our home. Starting with restoring our family room after a major fire, then completely rebuilding the three story glass window wall where for over ten years water had leaked through poor construction damaging the structural integrity, this also involved extensive interior repairs, finishing, painting and decorating. Because of our location high on a mountainside we sometimes are subject to high winds and again Bud had to find the sources of water leaks. To effect all these repairs Bud had to hire, coordinate and oversee several sub contractors of which was done on budget, on time. There are numerous of projects that Bud has done, Kitchen work, Roof repair, Drywall, Garage exterior trim, Chimney flashing, etc. We highly recommend him.

Stephanie P
1 review

Bud Mitchell has done several projects for us in the course of remodeling our basement, kitchen work and other misc jobs. He is thorough, professional, and trustworthy, we would recommend him to anyone.

Larry & Karen K
1 review

Very happy with all the work that they are doing. Very satisfied.

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