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Ohana Home Management Services provides Additions and Remodels services in Katy, TX. Call them at 832-484-3269 for more details.

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David S
1 review

Absolute professional gentleman. Ken and Robert posses the skills and know how to complete any task large or small. It was suprising to find that both Ken and Robert were eager to keep me, the customer, as informed and educated about the work being done as possible; a trait that speaks volume about their character. I have no doubt that I will soon be calling on the quality service that Ohana make ready and home repair has to offer. Ken/Robert, thank you for your time and outstading service.

Kim K
1 review

Ohana was the best price and the great to talk to before the job. Ken the owner took the time to teach me about the services he would provide.

Kristin R
1 review

I just had a baby Boy. Ohana redid one of my bedrooms and made it into a baby wonderland. The things that they did with that room was amazing..everthing from flooring to wallpapering. I was just over welmed with the out come of my little boy's room. They even brought me blueberry muffins and Kosher dill pickels from my favorite Deli while I was in my craving stage..They were great

Erik E
1 review

I have dealt with contractor in the past as a homeowner, Kenny and Roberts of Ohana Make Ready are by far the best I have dealt with. Fair and able doesn't begin to describe the work they did, in fact, the finish product exceeded my wildest imagination. They are a excellent and competent individuals. Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information.

Shawn J
1 review

Very professional gentlemen. Excellent service and repair work. Job was of excellent quality and completed in a timely manner. I would hire these great gentleman to complete another job at my home. A+ service.

Phoneix Property
1 review

I own a property investment company and we buy, sell, and leases homes in Houston Texas and surrounding areas. In the past I have tried many of these so called handyman companies, and to no avail they all fall short of their trade. I was overwhelmed by Ohana. I have never seen two men do what they do and at a price that keeps me and my account very happy. In the past I would send a company out to do a repair and the phone would ring soon after. The tenant would tell me how rude, messy and what a horrible job they did. When sending these guys to my tenants I still get calls, but they love these guys. My tenants thank me for the great job I am doing when really its Ohana that should get the gold star. Robert and Ken thanks so much for your excellent work.oh keep your schedule open for me I am picking up 10 more homes this month and I need you to do the work... Thanks John K

David S
1 review

Ohana make ready and home repair has done it again. Ken/Robert, my family and I sincerely want to express our thanks for another job well done. In the past few months, my wife, son, and I have seen our new house transform into a beautiful home. We recently had a 30'x14'patio added to our home and although the overall job was satisfactory, the contractor (a home-builder) created a wiring nightmare. Leave it to Ken and Robert to adapt and overcome the obstacles left behind by a non-qualified electrician to connect three ceiling fans with light kits just as requested. Sounds like a small project but considering the fact that the wires were not labeled, capped off, or even run correctly; we now have three ceiling fans running off two (new) wall switches. one controlling the fans and the other controlling the lights. Also, Ken and Robert installed a new coach light since the prior contractor had left the original hanging by a wire, un-mounted! Oh, did I mention the luxurious marble work Ohana installed above my fireplace? Ohana stays true to their company motto, "WE DO IT ALL, NO job too small." Again, Ken/Robert(our new friends), sincere thanks for a job well done!

Debbie C
1 review

I will call Robert and Kenny for any and all future repairs needed on my home. They do excellent work at a price people can afford. They are also two of the most cheerful, upbeat, kind and honest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

1 review

To find a contractor that is competent, professional, fair valued, and on-time is a daunting task. In Kenny and Robert of Ohana, I found two who embody these high ideals and more. They met and exceeded my high expectations and completed the job at a fair price within the provided estimate. I will call them again and again for all my home and garden maintenance needs and refer my friends and family to them. Thanks for the great service guys and keep up the excellent work!!!

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