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Since the year 2000, Quality Marble And Tile has been installing tile and countertops across American Midwest with passion and pride. Fabricating countertops for somebody's house is always taken seriously and with care, regardless how big the job is. Fabricating and installing natural stone countertops has been passion and we have people in our company who share same mind and thought for our business. These people are real craftsmen when it comes to perfectly done jobs and help with design. To stay in loop with the fast pace granite industry, Quality Marble And Tile is constantly investing in business and industry. As of March 2008, we have moved our fabricating facility and showroom to much bigger space to satisfy needs of today's homeowners.


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They installed granite countertop for our kitchen in our new home in Waukee. We built a new house using Regency Builders and they used Quality marble and Tiles as sub contractor. In final walkthrough, we saw that the counter top had crack. The builder asked the Quality to look into it and advice. As I was expecting they will say this is not crack, I got the same reply. We used a third party vendor to come and give us opinion and he performed a simple test of putting water on it and we found that water went to the bottom of the Granite in cabinets. They claimed that the Granite was sealed and actually it wasn't. When I met them to get their view on what they felt about the granite, they said that this was not crack and was normal for granite and said it was fission. It was 8 to 9 inches long and there was a hole which was filled with epoxy. They claim nothing will happen to it but refused to give anything in writing to back their words. I am glad that Regency gave us 5 years warranty even though Quality backed out and refused to give warranty. Beware of Cheats. I was glad that we used Regency Builder who has excellent customer service and gave us in writing that if anything happens to that Granite countertop because of the crack then they will replace it for us free of cost. I wanted to share my story so I make the potential buyers aware of this company's work ethics and how easily they cut their ties with Regency just to stay away from guaranteeing their work. I will recommend not dealing with this company due to their ethics.

1 review

Please find an article from "Des Moines Register" newspaper, with the name Bob Mehta and his complaint about Regency Homes, but here he's bashing Quality Marble and Tile and praising Regency Homes. It's interesting how quickly he changes his mind on Regency also after he realizes how wrong he is and why they told him that he would have 5 year warranty on granite. Regency is bankrupt now and they were just desperate for money and to sell one house to somebody like Bob. Quality Marble and Tile probably provided countertops at the quality and price level that Regency Homes could accept for cheap homes.

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