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Say Tile & Remodeling provides Tile Work services in Rosedale, NY. Call them at 718-664-8681 for more details.

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1 review

I had just bought a 4 family home in Brooklyn that needed 5 new bathrooms that was not in my budget so a friend gave me the # to Say Tile & Remodeling and they gave me a price for all 5 baths that I could not beat. Now it's time for kitchens. I highly recommend this company.

robert r
1 review

I was looking for a contractor to tile my 16x12 family room and Say Tile gave me and unbelievable price and high quality job. I highly recommend them. Thank you Mrs. Robinson

1 review

Say Tile & Remodeling did a wonderful job on my bathroom. Thanks to this company I'm not embrassed to have guest use my rest room anymore. In fact I showed my bathroom to my neighbors and they loved it. Say Tile & Remodeling gave me a showcase bathroom for a reasonable price. I highly recommend this company.

brant h
1 review

Say Tile & Remodeling this did a wonderful job on my family room. Thanks to this company my family room went from toad to prince.

brant H
1 review

THIS COMPANY IS GREAT! Just when I give up hope on finding a reasonable and reliable contractor Say Tile & Remodeling saved the day. My kitchen, bathroom and livingroom look marvelous. THANK YOU!

matty k
1 review

I'm the owner of a brownstone in need of a lot of work and thanks to the quality and time of Say Tile & Remodeling the job was put in the right hand, I'm 100% satisfied with every job.

margaux m
1 review

I'm the manger of a N.Y.C. H.P.D. Mitchell-Llama cooperative and we have needs we call upon the work of Say Tile & Remodeling for everything. Thank you

D. A
1 review

I needed a new kittchen for a coop i recently purchase and with the money i saved with Say Tile & Remodeling they also remodel my bathroom. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!!

Lisa J
1 review

I have a handyman special there's just one problem no handyman but thanks to Say Tile & Remodeling no job is to big and there prices are always percise. Thank you

Jennie M
1 review

I hired a contractor to remodel my bathroom but the job seem to be more then they could handle but one call to Say Tile & Remodeling and they fixed all problems Thank You!!!!! FOR SAVING ME MONEY!!!!!!

Ray D
1 review

In 2004 I was looking for a builder to bulid me a deck but I was also in need of storage for my car to keep it out of the weather so I was very happy when Say Tile & Remodeling came up with the ideal of an upper deck and carport under and price was excellent, so I say THANKYOU TO SAY TILE & REMODELING!

Marjori L
1 review

It's June 2004 and in two weeks I'm having a sweet sixteen/4 of July party and my deck need to be taken down and redone but the prices were to high, then I called Say Tile & Remodeling and they rebuild my deck. Now I have deck that will last the test of time and I'm proud to have in my yard THANKYOU SAY TILE & REMODELING

Mike J
1 review

I was in the market for a fence and the prices was a little on the high side for a pvc picket style fence so I called Say Tile & Remodeling and they gave me the best price for my lot size THANK YOU

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