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Spectrum Fine Homes Inc provides Custom Homes services in Mountain View, CA. Call them at 650-960-2449 for more details.

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Jodi M
1 review

"A for all categories."<br> "The staff at Spectrum Fine Homes are honest and reliable. We trust them for all of our home remodeling and interior design needs." Wed 5/19/2004

Bea a
1 review

Thank you for the fine job you did on the remodelling of our bathrooms and the addition of tile flooring to both the upstairs and downstairs halls. We both enjoy what you've done immensely. Now that I've lived with the new bath fixtures and moved back into the spaces that were changed, I can say that I'm delighted with what you've provided for us. September 13, 2002

Eric & Marie Evitt
1 review

"We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and congratulate your team on the excellent job you did for us. We're very pleased with the final results. Overall, your company's commitment to the customer's long-term happiness and satisfaction pervades all our interactions with you.<br>An especially important criterion for us in selecting a contractor was identifying someone who could work with us throughout the project and deal with the unexpected as well as implement the agreed-upon plans. You excelled at this. Every remodel, by definition, includes surprises along the way. You handled these well, offered creative solutions in a timely way, and kept us fully apprised of the options, including timing and cost.<br>You and your team kept us well informed of our plans and schedules; a significant benefit considering we were living with our team and subcontractors from 7:00 AM until 3:30 PM five days a week for the better of eight months.<br>We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to others, and in fact already have to several neighbors who have stopped to admire your handiwork and ask us who did it." March 5, 2002

David & Diane Turner
1 review

"As the lead carpenter for Spectrum Fine Homes, Inc. on the remodel of our home, Dan Metzler was for us the person we always turned to first. Throughout the period during construction from February to August of this year, Dan was the true foreman on the site. He was unfailingly dependable from start to finish, always cheerful and helpful. We cam to think of him as our Mr. Fixit - not only was he the lead carpenter, but the one who immediately tackled with great competence and care a countless number of adjustments that needed doing.<br>Because we had moved out of the house during the remodel, we were immediately relieved to find that whenever any decision required our attention during the week, outside of the weekly meetings at the house, Dan would always manage to get in touch with us right away. In truth, his friendly presence and tremendous contributions to the project were a vital part of our total satisfaction with not only the outcome, but the whole course of the remodel. With Dan, we were confident that our home was in excellent hands." November 24, 2003

Lorraine M
1 review

I'm enjoying the newness of my house, and I actually sometimes miss you and your crew popping in and out. As I've told you lots of times, your workers, without exception, were courteous and often fun to have around. Nov. 15, 2000

Lou C
1 review

"Thank you again for all your wonderful work. We really love the way everything turned out. We will definitely be in touch when we're ready to take on another project."

L & Mel Lopides
1 review

We want to thank all the folks at Spectrum for the fine work you did on our remodel. You remained positive and flexible, putting out fires (actually, more like staunching floods) when necessary. Everyone was always pleasant and professional, and as we know from friends' horror stories, that's not always the case with other contractors.<br>Special Kudos to Dan and Jim for the extra steps they took all during the project to ensure that the work was done right and that we were pleased with the results. It was a pleasure working with Gary again, and with Mike for the first time. Stella and Heather were most helpful, too, when we called with questions. Now all we have to do is enjoy! 6 February 2003

1 review

"I have to tell you - Jim gets the dedicated project manager's award. He was here from 7 to 9 P.M. tonight, running up and down the ladder, testing phones for his buddy Brian. They got us all set up and Brian labeled all the lines for the next person to work on the lines. That is service way above and beyond the job description - and we truly appreciate it.<br>Also, Jim came up with a great idea for how to deal with the funky sheetrock in David's room, and Robert executed it beautifully. It really sets off the window and makes the whole room look really sharp.<br>Thanks to Mike and Gary for figuring out the laundry door and the old hall closet. I know it was tricky. And I know they have been busy taking care of lots of other little details as well as big things like the v rustic on the porch. Thank you."

Frank a
1 review

"Thanks again for all the excellent work that Spectrum did in completing our townhouse remodel. We enjoyed working with you and everyone at Spectrum, especially Chris Wilson who was an invaluable resource. We would recommend Spectrum without reservations to anyone interested in having remodeling work done." January 9, 2004

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