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Superior Pools Spas & Waterfalls provides Swimming Pools services in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Call them at 954-321-9292 for more details.

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Mickey B
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Eight months after contracting, we still have not pool. SLOW is an understatement. They have not made good on any of the "soft" timelines they've committed. Pool coping was crooked with large groutlines and had to be redone. Waterfall from spa has a LARGE seam in the MIDDLE that will likely just be a sluice when we get around to putting water in it. If I had it to do over, I would not contract this company.

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Right after pool was completed in 2002 we noticed that the tiles were falling off around the pool. Cracks around interior of pool caused this to happen. Also, top of deck is cracked around the coping and the deck is seperating from the expansion joint. They came out almost 1 year later and re-tiled re-coped the deck. It lasted about a year and we noticed tiles falling off 1 at a time. We had our pool maintenence company patch it, however now many tiles are off, the deck is seperating and the coping is now coming off. The crack is around the entire pool and on the top part of the deck. We had 2 different professionals come to look at the problem recently and we were told by both of them that Superior Pools re-did the tiles only to cover up a more serious problem until the warranty ran out. Superior will not return our calls. We were told this is an ever lasting problem and will cost us several thousand dollars to have it fixed properly.

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We contracted with Superior Pools in December 2005. The pool was completed August 2006.We have dealt with a broken sewer main that we were not told about. I found out when my children used the shower. Mistakes with the gunite, construction delays because they had to move the pool several feet due to an electrical line. The pool was completed and since then we have a cracking deck, over 30 coping bricks have come loose in three places, Tiles cracking and breaking off into the pool. The diamond brite is turning brown in spots and flaking off. The pool heater has a cracked coil, the pump for the spa has been replaced twice. They do not return phone calls, I have 120 calls into them over the course of this project, 62 e-mails and 4 personal visits. I dread when this pool warranty is up.

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